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How it Works

Upload your listings
to create an instant stockist map
Upload your stockists
Upload a spreadsheet or your stockists
using our predefined template
and we'll geolocate
Configure your map
Choose your colours
and listing formats
and select custom properties
Link to your stockist map
No website integration,
just link to your localocal map
and increase awareness

Clear Pricing

Promote your stockists across multiple channels
with easy to use maps and stockist management


Best Settings for Startups
£ 100 / Year
Up to 1 stockists map
Up to 50 stockists per map
Custom map pins and propertis
Analytics platform
API access


Best Settings for Business
£ 300 / Year
Up to 5 stockist maps
Up to 200 stockists per map
Up to 2 custom properties and 2 map pins
Analytics platform
API access


Best Settings for Enterprise
£ 600 / Year
Up to 30 Stockist Maps
Up to 200 Stockists per map
Up to 5 custom properties and 3 map pins
Analytics platform
API access
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